To Keep Your Networking Working: What Do You Say When You Talk to Yourself: Part 2

Your self-talk, what you say when you talk to yourself, is a key to keeping your networking working.  In the previous post, we looked at ways to improve your self-talk, which in turn, will enhance the possibilities of building deeper relationships through networking.

What I find interesting is what very successful people say to themselves in order to overcome significant challenges. Regardless of where their inspiration comes from which could be a situation, a person or a goal most truly successful people are happy.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t get down or have doubts.  All of us do.  But their self-talk causes them to overcome what is challenging them and in the process of moving beyond the challenge they create happiness.

They understand that success is getting what you want.  Happiness is wanting what you get.  And, that you cannot have true success without happiness.  To keep your networking working and to build deeper relationships you must learn how to be happy.

As a business coach in The Woodlands and as a business coach in Houston, I have observed in myself and others that when our self-talk is focused on the positive things in our lives, more opportunities magically appear.  Why?  When we focus on the positive, we are practicing and showing gratitude.

Gratitude is very attractive.  Gratitude brings a certain calmness and serenity within which good networking relationships and good relationships in general can develop. Another benefit of gratitude is that it makes you more resilient when those unexpected challenges that life throws at you show up.  You realize in spite of the difficulties, that with your gratitude there are many good things to live for and you keep moving forward.

Gratitude is critical because it is the foundation of happiness.  Simply put, if you are ungrateful, you cannot be happy.  If your self-talk focuses on unhappiness you will drive people away in your networking.

Keep happiness and gratitude in the forefront of your self-talk.  When you do, your conversations with others, whether in a networking situation or not, will serve them and you in a positive way.

And, if you are having trouble with happiness and gratitude in your self-talk go out and find a way to serve others.  It may be a brief phone call or a handwritten note that encourages others.  Praise is good.  But encouragement builds an even deeper bond.

In your networking, to keep it working have your self-talk focus on what you are grateful for and happiness.  This will encourage you.  Then when you are in your networking conversations you will bring gratitude, happiness and encouragement to others.  All three of these are key components to establishing deeper relationships and successful networking.

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