About Us

First, thank you for coming to Self-Improvement Tips.com.

You know that within you is the ability to become more and ultimately attract more of the good that life has to offer.

My wish with Self-Improvement Tips.com is for you to discover a starting place for your own journey of self-improvement.

Like many things in life it does not matter where you start. The important thing is to start. This site has a variety of offerings to get you thinking and to start you on your way to creating pathways to having the life you desire.

A Personal Note From Steve Scott

I like to have fun with people and what I do. I am a personal business coach, public speaker and author. I first started on this path in 1983. That tells you something about what I do, but what is more important is who I am.

Self improvement and the opportunity for personal development came at me head on in the early 1980’s. I was educated with two degrees, yet I wasn’t able to handle it. Why? I was not ready mentally, and more importantly, emotionally. I didn’t understand that the true joys of life come with a drive to self education, a focus on self improvement.

As an entrepreneur, I have owned several successful businesses and I have had some that were not successful. Throughout the whole process I embraced the process of self improvement. I learned that success was not something to be pursued. It was to be attracted by the person I was becoming. This was a radical departure from what I had learned, which was that if I pursued success hard and long enough, it would somehow magically arrive.

When I understood that my success and happiness were about me becoming more as a person I went to work on myself. I totally embraced self improvement and paths to my personal development. And I stopped directly pursuing success and happiness. Don’t get me wrong. Success and happiness were and still are very important to me. But, as I became more as a person, success and happiness found me. And they continue to do so today!

Invest a few minutes in yourself and go through the site and find a place to get started. In life, it is not about how you start. It is about how you finish.

At Self-Improvement Tips.com you can start with something small and work up to bigger things.

This is important. Life is going to throw us some pretty big challenges. If we haven’t mastered the small ones, we don’t stand much of a chance with the bigger ones.

I encourage you to start somewhere today. Some day or some time usually means never. Pick an area or topic to begin creating your pathways to becoming more and attracting more.

After all, our lives are not measured by what we accomplish so much as they are measured by what we have to overcome in order to accomplish.

The hardest thing to overcome is ourselves. The biggest challenge for most is to get started. Overcome yourself. Get started. When you do, you will be amazed and gratified at the person you will become and where your journey takes you.

Be an overcomer! Embrace self-improvement! Here’s an empowering thought. The choice is yours! Start today to becoming the person you want to be to have the life you desire.

Wishing you the best!