Problem or Predicament?

Over the past few weeks, the coronavirus has changed all of our lives significantly.  We have never seen something like this.  The medical impact can be frightening.  And the economic impact, remains to be seen, but it could be disastrous.

Instead of writing about personal development, self-improvement, personal growth and leadership which are areas in which I collaborate with others in my personal business coaching practice, I believe it is best to share some thoughts that may support you as we go through a time where in many cases, and you can include me, our lives have been turned upside down.  A time where fear and panic, the two horsemen of relationship and societal destruction are running wild.

Problem or predicament?  A problem is something that can be readily solved.  For example, I am thirsty.  That is a problem.  I get a glass of water and the problem is solved.  On the other hand, a predicament is a problem we have to endure.

The last few week, with the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus has created unbelievable predicaments!  And more predicaments are coming our way.  At a time like this, accept what is.  In reality, when faced with the unusual, the exception, the event that no one saw coming, that is all you can do, accept it.

Only when you accept what is, will you understand what you must do to be proactive and to keep your sanity.  Peace of mind may be non-existent at this time.  But, do whatever you can to keep your sanity.  You increase the odds of making better decisions to move you through and beyond current circumstances.

This is an unforeseen test for all of us as to how to endure this predicament.

Focus only on what you can control, not on what you cannot.  Worry, and it is valid, is fueled by focusing on things beyond our control.  All of us fear the unknown.  That’s what we have now, fear of the unknown personally and as a country.

The other thing with a predicament is to focus or to find the opportunity within the difficulty.  This may take time. But it will give you purpose and direction.  A ship in a storm only finds the safe harbor when it remembers its purpose for the voyage and the direction it must go in.  You may have to change the direction and the harbor.  That’s okay.  Remember, if you choose, you always have one more move!

Wishing everyone the best and that when the current storm is past that you find your safe harbor!

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