Keys To Success: Get Rid Of The Bus Stop Mentality

distractionIn my personal coaching business I find that one of the most important keys to success is to recognize the “bus stop mentality.” And, having recognized it, do something about it.

What is the “bus stop mentality?” It’s a pattern where you

  • Allow yourself to be distracted
  • You fail to accomplish what you need to accomplish
  • You have a sense of frustration and reduced energy

Keys To Success: What Are Your Distractions?

Distractions can range from always checking email, to surfing the web, to Facebook, to the impromptu meeting, to the phone. There are others but those are some of the major ones. As a self-employed business owner the first step is to become aware of your distractions. The second step is to take control of them.

Everyone starts their day. You start out with worthy goals to be accomplished. Yet, you somehow get side tracked. You make a bus stop. You take time away from accomplishing what you set out to do.

Here’s the key. Some of it is necessary. But, a great deal of it is not. When you take too many bus stops during the day on your way to accomplishment you end up accomplishing very little.

Keys To Success: Accomplish What You Need To Accomplish

The sad truth is that too many people never truly finish their day. Yes, they finish in terms of going home from work. Yet, there is so much at work that is undone. They lack a sense of accomplishment. And, subconsciously, they know that they have been taking too many bus stops.

Start each day with a firm set of things that are important and that you must finish. Making a list is a great way to start. Do whatever works for you. If you aren’t measuring what you accomplish it is hard to feel a sense satisfaction with yourself and your career.

Whether you are an employee of a company, a self-employed business owner, entrepreneur or solo professional you want to feel a sense of accomplishment. It is important because what we accomplish and how we accomplish it are tied to our self-worth.

With too many bus stops, many of your own making, it is difficult to feel good about yourself. Know what you need to accomplish each day and do it. Then you can look back and tell yourself what you got from the day.

For most people they look back and are thankful they got through the day. And they know that tomorrow will be the same with lots of bus stops, little accomplished and little satisfaction.

Keys To Success: Reducing Frustration and Increasing Energy

In a way, when you are just getting through the day you are eternally frustrated. Your life is full of bus stops that keep you from feeling fulfilled.

And this frustration leads to unhappiness. It leads to unhappiness in the job or business and in your personal life. In coaching success, the goal is to have a sense of accomplishment where you can see what you got from the day.

Only when you know what you got from the day can you build a sense of self-worth and momentum for the next day. You can always spend more money but you can’t spend more time. Once a day is over it is gone. It is never to be repeated.

When you minimize or eliminate the bus stops then each day starts to count. You start looking forward to the day. You are more likely to grow toward your potential. The present becomes more exciting.

Small business growth and small business success are about spending our time more wisely. Recognize the bus stops in your life. Commit to doing something about them. When you do, you will be using one of the most important keys to success.

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