Stuck? Overwhelmed? The Answer: Commit to Your Self Improvement

overwhelmedDo you feel stuck? Do you have a sense of being overwhelmed? Sometimes the solution to getting jump started and to accelerate the process of your successful performance is right in front of you.

Here’s the challenge. Are you going to take the step to grab what is right in front of you? If this is where you are at now then start the process of taking control of your destiny and go to

Steve Scott, Personal Business Coach, Author and Public Speaker has put together several offerings from his work over the last ten years that are foundational to self improvement and creating the business, the life, or both that you desire. There are self study guides on Character, Personal Development, The 8 Pieces of the Business and Life Puzzle and Business Keys to Success. There are also self coaching videos on self improvement and fear as well as a 10 part audio mini course, Imprisoned by Progress and the Treadmill Philosophy.

Besides these offerings there is also the Progress Set Free Ebook and the Wings To Fly daily reader. Wings To Fly has 365 daily readings to keep you on track to your self improvement. There are two membership levels. Level One membership is free and includes the Progress Set Free Ebook and two sessions from the audio mini course.

Level Two offers the remaining 8 sessions of the audio mini course, plus the four self study guides that each come with their own short video and workbook. They range in length from 8 sections to 20 sections so there is something for almost everyone. These guides take you under the hood of self improvement and start you on the path to building your foundation to create the pathways to having what you desire.

Also part of Level Two you will receive two free coaching videos that go into depth about fear, the number one enemy of self improvement and self improvement. And for additional support and to give you the greatest probability of success, the Wings To Fly daily reader is also part of the Level Two membership. Level Two is available for a one-time fee. There are no monthly charges or surprise extras.

The key is to get started on self improvement. This site at can be your starting point. If you are serious about creating the life, business, or both, you desire go an sign up now. All of us can fake ourselves out and confuse involvement with commitment. Go to and sign up and become a member. When you do you will have crossed that line from involvement to commitment. And with your commitment, the miracle process of self improvement will begin. Start your journey today to creating the pathways to accelerate the process of your successful performance.

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