Fear, COVID and Death

One of the biggest challenges I have seen in my personal business coaching practice and in life over the past year is how to meet the challenge that fear, surrounding COVID represents.  If there were a perfect answer, I would give it to you, and we could all happily move forward.  But there is not.

The ultimate goal in business and life is to first survive and then thrive.  Many businesses and individuals have gone from thriving to surviving.  And some have experienced the most feared outcome, death.

For myself and my clients, we have fears.  The fears are valid.  Yet how we choose to act on them is our choice.  Once again, if there was the perfect answer on how to react to our fears, I would be happy to provide it.  Unfortunately, there is not.

But the philosophy you bring to a fearful situation is critical to putting the odds in your favor of having a more successful outcome.  Notice I said putting the odds in your favor.  I did not say guaranty.  I have adopted for myself and my clients the following:

I have never seen FEAR stop DEATH.

But I have seen FEAR if we choose to let it do so, STOP LIVING.

We have to continue to live.  As we are beginning to see the economic disaster from COVID is causing far more pain, suffering, and death than the numbers we have from the people who have unfortunately died from it.

Fear has never stopped death.  But fear, if we choose to let it do so, can stop living. Also, fear cancels out an offer all of us have received.

It is your life.  Your LIFE IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER!  And with your life comes LIMITED TIME OPPORTUNITIES.  We don’t know how long we have in life.

Be proactive.  Keep a sense of urgency about your limited time offer, which is your life.  Do what you can, where you are focusing on your self-improvement in how you can add value to yourself and others.

After all, when your limited time offer has expired what others will remember about you is the value you added to their lives.

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