Ability, Motivation and Attitude

Ability is your capability in certain areas.  Motivation determines what you do with your ability.  Attitude determines the quality of your outcomes when you use your ability and are motivated.

In my personal business coaching practice in The Woodlands and in Houston I have observed time and again the connection between these three areas and how they impact individual and team performance.

Ability is important.  It is a great place to start when looking at what you are capable of accomplishing.  But it is not everything.

Motivation, by itself, is not enough.  Motivation gets you going in using your ability, yet it doesn’t guaranty you are headed down the right path.

Attitude is what takes your ability and motivation and keeps it on track.  Attitude says that if the track your ability and motivation are taking you on is not working, that you will try something else.  With the right attitude, you are willing to make the necessary adjustments on your road to success.

Adjustments are not failures.  Adjustments are changes that are necessary to keep you relevant.  If you don’t adjust you fail.  You fail because you are becoming irrelevant.  You are in a race to the bottom.

In returning to attitude: the right attitude harnessed to your ability and motivation will position you to create the steam to drive your engine of performance that will move you from ordinary to extraordinary.

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