Indecision: The Second Enemy From Within

Indecision is the second enemy or fear that comes from within. Success, in business and life, more often than not, is not as much about circumstances and things as it is about how we see ourselves.

Once again, just like the first enemy, indifference, in the previous post, there is a time where it is absolutely necessary to be indecisive. Yet, if you let indecision rule you, it creates a fear that will leave you out of more opportunities in business and life than you can imagine. In my coaching practice as a business coach in Woodlands and as a business coach in Houston I have observed the negative effects that the fear generated by indecision can cause.

One person almost starts something. Another person starts it. The person who starts something has increased the likelihood of accomplishing something as opposed to the person who never starts. With indecision, the start is what stops most people.

And, the reason people never get started is they are afraid to make a decision to start and possibly fail. Very often, they want to have all the facts before they make a decision. When it comes to something new that could give your business a boost or a competitive edge, they can never have enough information. As a result, they become continuous students.

They are always learning but never applying what they learn. The miracle process is to take what you learn and apply it. Only then can you even have the possibility of making today better than yesterday.

Even when all the information is at hand and the decision to move forward looks good, people will be indecisive. Why? They think of all the things that might happen to bring failure. At its heart, indecision is a cover for the fear of failure.

There was a sower of seed. He was a good man. He had good seed. He went out in the morning and spread his seed. The birds ate most of the seeds. Later that day he planted on some rocky ground. Some of the seeds sprouted but most never turned into plants. Late in the afternoon the sower planted some seeds on some fertile ground and over time he reaped a bountiful harvest.

How come the sower was successful? He was decisive. He had a definiteness of purpose. When the birds ate the seed, he didn’t chase the birds. When the ground was not very good, he didn’t try to change the ground. He kept on planting. Ultimately, he came upon some good ground for his seed and it returned a big crop.

The key was that the sower was decisive. He never left the field and he always kept planting. Make your decision to get in the field. Keep planting good seeds. Stay focused. Keep moving. Be decisive. When you do you will increase your odds of reaping great rewards.

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