Simplify and Apply

Change, in most instances, is not easy. Why? It presents a whole new set of challenges to the people who have to learn to master it, not to mention, the other who work with them who can be directly or indirectly in the performance of their work be affected by the change.

As we know when we throw a stone in the middle of a calm pond, the waves it creates will wash up on the shore in ways that we cannot see.

To increase the odds of successful change we must simplify it to help those who are going to apply it. To simplify change we must make it something that people can remember and recall how to do it. When change can be remembered and recalled it can be applied.

Simplification is important in another critical way. Simplification can allow us to achieve 80% of the desired results rapidly. Individuals love results. How do we do that? We focus on the 20% of all factors that are the key in allowing us to reach 80%. Moving rapidly to 80% keeps momentum and still is much better than never attaining 100%.

The important aspect in simplification is to identify the fundamental factors. The fundamental factors are the reasons, the most critical elements to achieving successful change.

Keep the concepts simple and focus on the fundamentals. Breakthrough change requires a complete mastery of the fundamentals. When we simplify why we want to change and what we need to change, we increase the odds of successful application.

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