As you embrace the process of self improvement there will be many positive transformations in your life. And, this is especially true in the area of relationships. At times this may be painful because you will let go of some relationships as you discover they are no longer working for you.

The first relationship that will benefit from self improvement is the relationship you have with yourself. You will embrace doing positive things for yourself. You will know and understand yourself better. And when you do, you will start making better decisions in your life.

As you achieve greater alignment and peace with yourself internally, you will be ready to share and to support others in their self improvement. You understand the challenges, the pain and the joys that come from self improvement.

You will have a self awareness that will guide you in your thoughts and emotions to better relationships. You will become a guide to others.

With your improved self you will share yourself and your time in a more positive way with others. You will see and feel the miracle process of sharing. You will understand that the more you pour out into others that the more that will pour in to you.

You will be a candle. You will understand that when you share your light with another person, just like another candle, nothing is lost. And you will find joy in the social mirror of your relationships which will reflect back to you the value you bring to others.

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