Keys To Success: Finding Peace (2)

Self Improvement TipsIn the previous post on peace we looked at one of the keys to success, finding peace. We looked at what is peace and what is causing distress.

In this post I am going to start out and explore what peace is a little further. And, we will look at some ways to create peace. We will finish up with the concept that peace is best achieved by running your small business and your life by your expectations.

Keys To Success: Know What Peace Is. What Peace Is Not.

Peace: A Definition

Sometimes in defining a subject it is easier to say what it is not rather than what it is.

Peace is Not:

  1. Based on external influences
  2. Based on other people
  3. Based on the absence of pressure

Peace is Internally Based

Definition: Peace is to be set at “one” again. What does it mean to be set at “one” again? Primarily, this means living your life in alignment.

Keys To Success: How To Create Peace

To create peace, as we grow, we must bring order to disorder. And, this is where many of us have a challenge. Maybe you are great at creating your own business. Possibly, you are very good at success planning. But, the distress, or lack of peace comes from your inability to manage what you have created.

As a self-employed business owner for many years and in my personal business coaching practice collaborating with individuals, entrepreneurs, solo professionals I can assure you that the one thing everyone would like to have is more peace.

All these individuals are very creative. And, creativity by its very nature is forward thinking and disruptive of the status quo.

Unfortunately, everything else is a goal except peace. A marketing business plan is put together that will increase sales but it is not appropriate for the owner or the small business.

Or, success planning directs you and your business into areas that put too much strain on your existing business or structure. One of the keys to success is attaining a measure of peace is to build your business around honoring who you are.

Keys To Success: Live By Your Expectations

Live by your expectations. Don’t live by others. Spend time in your strengths. Spend minimal time or delegate those things that are unpleasant to you. Manage your expectations, yourself and your process for doing business to honor who you are.

When you do you are much more likely to be successful because you are doing it on your terms. Honor yourself and manage yourself in what you build and you will have greater peace which is one of the keys to success.

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