Scott Harper, IOM, President, Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce

‘A Good Read’…’Thought provoking’…’enjoyable’. Every once in a while, something comes along that breathes genuine sincerity into these often used cliches. Steve Scott has found that height to stand on with “Wings To Fly”…and the title is perfectly appropriate to the rewards and feelings generated with this read-it-daily exercise in improving the human condition and Diagnostics for Self. A book for the Every Man (and Woman);I truly enjoyed it. Mr. Scott has found another fan!Michael CronauerAuthor and Graphic Designer
“Once I started reading “Wings To Fly” I actually found myself reading several months at one sitting. I very much enjoyed the stories, analogies and insights that Steve shares. The content is very real. And it is easy to read and comprehend. The key is to take what you have learned and decide how to apply it to create your own self-improvement.

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