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Thank you for checking out our Level II membership! I appreciate you being here and taking a few minutes of your valuable time to explore the possibilities to become more than you are in order to attract more than you have. I believe H. G. Wells stated this very well when he said,

“Wealth, notoriety, place and power are no true measures of success whatsoever. The only true measure of success is the ratio between what we might have been and what we have become.”

That is the miracle process of self improvement. It is the process of shrinking the ratio between what we might have been and what we have become. It is a process that as you improve, you attract more of life’s opportunities and positive experiences because you have consciously decided to become more, more of life’s opportunities and positive experiences.

What you will not find here.

Self improvement is not a ninety day program to a complete life turnaround. Self improvement is not a try this and you will be set on the right path program.

I promise you nothing. But, when you embrace self improvement, I do promise you, that through your own efforts you will start to attract more of the good possibilities life has to offer.

What brings you to this site right now?

There is something I do know. You are here because you understand the most important key to success in your life.
Seldom will your life in any area, whether it is happiness, better relationships, peace of mind, greater income or making a significant contribution to others, among many other things, exceed your personal development.

How do You create Self Improvement?

That’s a good question. And I hear it quite often.
Self improvement happens when you consciously commit to taking action to create path for your own self improvement. Self improvement is an entrepreneurial venture. When you embrace self improvement you are being an entrepreneur. You are consciously creating the business that is your life.

The key words to make self improvement and a better life yours are:

Commitment—Your thoughts and attitude are focused on self improvement

Action—You take consistent action to make self improvement a reality.

You—Everything starts with YOU!

What benefit does a Level II Membership bring me?

It will start you on the track of your own self improvement. All of us need a place, or would like a place to start. We have to start something in order to have the satisfaction of finishing.
The real question is: Are you willing to start?

In Level II you will have access to:

  1. Four self study guides
    • Character Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs
    • Personal Development Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs
    • The 8 Pieces of the Business and Life Puzzle
    • Business Keys To Success
  2. Imprisoned by Progress and the Treadmill Philosophy audio course
  3. Self Improvement blog posts
  4. Two Coaching videos on:
    1. Self Improvement
    2. Fear
  5. Wings To Fly daily reader directed at continuous self improvement

Self Study Guides

• Character Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

You are an entrepreneur when you embrace self improvement. You have decided to touch, shape and mold the business that is your life. Self improvement is very entrepreneurial. You are creating something new.

With a good foundation of character you can embrace personal development and achieve self improvement. Without good character, self improvement is sabotaged. Why? All lasting self improvement is a based on good character.

This 14 section course explores some of the character traits of successful people. More importantly, it will get you to thinking about your character and how to improve it. This course is designed to gently get you into the thoughts, feelings and actions that are necessary for lasting self improvement.

• Personal Development Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

This course explores 14 different aspects of personal development that will support you in creating your pathway to self improvement. To have a successful trip to an unknown destination you need a map. Personal Development Secrets will assist you in creating your map. You will be thinking about where you want to start your journey. And, more importantly, what you want the future to look like.

• The 8 Pieces of the Business and Life Puzzle

Too often, life seems like an either/or proposition. Either I spend more time with my family or less time with my business. Either I embrace change and move forward or I resist change and hope that things will get better. These are a couple of examples of the dilemmas almost all of us will face at one time or another. In the 8 Pieces of the Business and Life Puzzle we look at how to bring the many aspects of our lives together to where you can have both. A full life is about having a both/and attitude instead of either/or. Yes, either/or is necessary and good at times. But, when we live life in that manner we can focus on what we believe is truly important and miss what truly matters.

• Business Keys To Success

Business Keys to Success delves into 20 areas of focus that can improve your business and your life. These areas can be applied both to business and life and your overall self improvement. Each section has questions for reflection and evaluation along with a section for the action steps you will take to create your own pathways to self improvement. The subjects range from relationships, to goals, to four keys you can focus on to identify and overcome challenges.

• Self Improvement Blog Posts

These are posts I have written and are directed at areas of self improvement that all of us encounter. In reading these you are enhancing your focus and deliberate thought to advance your own self improvement. Self improvement is a continual process and these posts allow you to supplement your other activities in self improvement to bring you to become the person who can create the business and life you desire.

• The 10 Deadly Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make And How To Avoid Them

In this audio mini-course I reveal 10 areas where we can make mistakes and don’t even realize it. Once again, to have consistent self improvement we must be aware of the possible areas where we may sabotage ourselves without even knowing it.

Here’s one topic of interest. Does more movement or activity get you to your destination of choice quicker? Listen carefully and you will have answers revealed to you that will clear away the barriers to your success.

Once again, when you embark on self improvement you are being an entrepreneur. You have decided to commit to shaping a new existence for yourself. This course will create an awareness of some things that you may want to avoid.

• Self Coaching Videos

There are two coaching videos included in Level II.

Self Improvement Video: You will learn about some key steps to self improvement. What truly is positive thinking? Things people do that can devastate any self improvement. And what separates failure from success. Interestingly, most people don’t know these things.

Fear Video: I picked fear from 100’s of possible topics because it is the one thing, that if you refuse to learn how to overcome it, will insure that you will not self improve and realize your goals and dreams. It is said that the richest places on earth are the cemeteries in the world. Lying in the ground are books that were never written, ideas that were never acted upon, goals that if achieved would have improved mankind. There are many reasons these were never created. But the primary reason was fear. Fear of failing and being seen as a fool or a loser. Fear of showing our ignorance and addressing it to achieve what we want. There are many reasons things don’t get done. Fear is central to many to many of them. To stay on your path of self improvement we must take a sword to fear.

• Wings To Fly

Wings To Fly, is the book I authored to provide you with daily support to grow and improve. There are 365 different topics that are covered that will take you 2 minutes or less to read. Self improvement and the process to becoming more accelerates when you have a daily focus. Your mind is a muscle and feeding it with self improvement and positive thoughts is the fuel that is needed to run the engine of your self improvement.

I encourage you to…..

Purchase the Level II program now and start immediately to build the foundation for a better you and a better life. Take the self guided programs, blogs, audios, videos and Wings To Fly in Level II and be ready for the exciting lift off and flight to becoming more and attracting more.

Do you want your life to change for the better? Would you rather be in a good place most of the time? If so, embrace the lessons in the self guided studies on Character, Personal Development, the 8 Pieces of the Business and Life Puzzle and Business Keys To Success to start thinking about who you want to become. Take the 10 Deadly Mistakes audio, along with the self coaching videos to broaden your possibilities and to realizing your potential.

Finally, take a daily vitamin of self improvement from Wings To Fly to provide the good fuel necessary to creating pathways to accelerate the process of your successful performance.

To repeat the quotation from H. G. Wells when you first started reading, “Wealth, notoriety, place and power are no true measures of success whatsoever. The only true measure of success is the ratio between what we might have been and what we have become.”

Become the best you can be!

Wishing you the best!