Wings to Fly

Your Daily Lift Off To Soar To Greater Heights

By Steve Scott


"Would you like to experience more “good luck” in your business or life?"

Most people would immediately say, “Yes!” In my book, “Wings To Fly,” I take a look at how to produce more good luck in your life. This is just one subject. “Wings To Fly” provides daily insights, one for each day of the year, ranging from relationships to productivity to self-confidence to name just a few

Let’s look at luck. Seneca, the Roman philosopher said that “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” Yet, many people never prepare to be lucky. They are into blind luck or dumb luck. Both are truly a matter of chance. There really isn’t much difference.

"Are you the little bird?"

In my book, “Wings to Fly” I tell a shortened version of the following story. The story revolves around how we can set ourselves up for harm and failure without realizing that we are doing it. When we do, the consequences can be disastrous. Here’s the story.

The owl and his friend, the little bird, were perched on a branch together. The wise owl kept looking over at the little bird who had a wing over his right eye and was crying. He kept thinking about what to say. He could see that the little bird was very upset and was crying uncontrollably. He was waiting for the little bird to tell him how come he was so upset and crying.

Do you know your position?

Know your position for a more rewarding life. It is discouraging to have talents and not to have them recognized or used.

In “Wings To Fly” your daily lift off to soar to greater heights I explore how to position yourself for greater success and happiness. Too often, we think we know our position and are playing it, when in truth, we are experiencing unhappiness because we are playing out of position.

Don’t think about the green elephant?

In the book, “Wings To Fly” explore the value of talking positively. At first, you would think that talking positively is straight forward. It is. Yet, with many things that seem obvious including positive talk, we fail to realize that what we may think is positive is actually negative.

An example of this mistake in positive talk is when someone is telling you possibly some of the following:

Everything matters!

Why? Because you must be aware of everything that influences your life. If you don’t have this awareness, it will be hard for you to correct your direction to get to your destination.

Successful living is one of the areas in the book “Wings To Fly” that I explore in many different areas. Let’s get back to the statement; “Everything matters!

How are you directed?

There are three possible types of direction exerted on you at any one time.
In “Wings To Fly” your daily lift off to soar to greater heights I discuss the three types of influence that can determine your direction in business and life.

Let’s take them one at a time.


One of the enemies from within that can stop your progress and success is indifference.In “Wings To Fly” I look at the disease that is indifference. Indifference occurs because people don’t think that something matters. That is certainly true of many things. Yet when you start having an indifferent attitude you will risk missing great opportunities for improvement and success.

Here’s the truth. Indifference, about those things that matter in business and life, never leads to good results. People are indifferent without even knowing it.

Quit and Decrease Your Way To Success
By Stephen T. Scott

Here is some conventional wisdom. More is better. Less is worse. But we have also heard or read the following which go counter to conventional wisdom: More is less. Less is more. Which is right? In Wings To Fly, Your daily lift off to soar to greater heights, I examine these last two statements that counter conventional wisdom. The following is an excerpt from Wings To Fly that looks at “More is less” and “Less is more.”

Be A Quitter

“A winner never quits. And a quitter never wins.” I remember that sign over the door to our high school locker room. In athletic contests, you can’t quit and win.Yet, in the rest of life learning when to quit and how to quit are essential skills that must be developed to have the growth we desire.”